Senior Engineer - Power Supply Unit


Team: Power Supply Unit
Reports To: Senior Manager

About Tejas:

Tejas was built with a vision of incubating a deep-technology networking company for India. Over the last 20 years we have grown aggressively specifically in the optical and wireless domains with customers in over 75+ countries. Tejas works on deep technology products GPON /TDM /OTN /Packet /Hybrid cross-connects ranging from gigabits to multi-terabits and high-speed interfaces. Our core technology-differentiation: “Software-defined Hardware” and it is a great launch-pad for your career. 

Power Supply team owns:

Tejas Power Supply team is responsible for designing and developing ACDC and DCDC power supplies. These power supplies are used for powering optical networking products. Various complexities of power supplies are powering across the product spectrum

Roles & Responsibilities: 

• Experience from 6+ yrs from B.Tech/M.Tech.
• Experienced in simple power supply design and develop independently. For example, Design using OFF the shelf power modules and Design of simple converters
• Experienced in cComplex Power supply design and develop independently. For example, high power DCDC and ACDC power supply designs with multiple converter stages
• Proficiency in designing and developing various power supply topologies like simple buck, boost, flyback, forward, active clamp topologies, LLC, PFC etc 
• Should be capable of creating design calculations for any topology
• Skilled in detailed testing of power supplies by deriving test cases from specifications and schematics
• Experienced in feedback loop design/testing/fix issues
• Well-versed in debugging of power supplies of any complexity
• Expert in simulation of analog circuits
• Through knowledge in analog circuits design
• Basic understanding of firmware algorithms and control of power converters

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