The TJ1400 series of Aggregation and Core Service Routers are telecom-grade systems meticulously engineered to deliver carrier-class Ethernet, MPLS, and IP capabilities, facilitating the realization of converged, multi-service Packet Networks. Emphasizing high availability at the Core network layer, the TJ1400 routers boast modular construction, incorporating features like redundancy and hot-swappable functional modules, making them exceptionally suited for Core IP networks. With interface options spanning Gigabit, 10G, and 100G, these routers can efficiently handle substantial volumes of Mobile Backhaul, Broadband, IPTV, and Enterprise VPN services. Renowned for their high-density, high-performance, and scalability, the TJ1400 series serves as a versatile platform ideally tailored for burgeoning or high-demand markets. Furthermore, the TJ1400 router platform boasts synchronization capabilities via Sync-E and 1588v2, positioning it as indispensable for Mobile Backhaul applications and primed to play a pivotal role in forthcoming 5G rollouts. The TJ1400 aggregation/core router is available both as a compact pizza-box 1U box (TJ1400P-H) or modular options (TJ1400-7 and TJ1400-18), offering flexibility to cater to diverse network requirements.

Support for NetConf/YANG management protocols

IP/MPLS: Traffic Engineered MPLS, VPLS, L2VPNs, L3VPNs

Upto 4 Tbps Packet Switch

SDN ready, Segment Routing capable

Advanced Circuit Emulation Feature

50ms Protection: MPLS FRR (1:1) & ERPS

TJ1400 Aggregation/Core Router TJ1400 Aggregation/Core Router
TJ1400 Aggregation/Core Router

End-to-end IP/MPLS/Ethernet Network

End-to-End Portfolio: From Access to Core

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