We offer end-to-end network management, support and maintenance services to our customers, which ensure quicker times to market, simplify operations, increase network availability and reduce overall costs.

Global experience with local support

We have a team of 350+ technology and product specialists to support network deployment and maintenance of 440+ customers spread across 70+ countries. We also leverage our relationship with some established OEMs in global optical and microwave equipment space to serve customers globally

24*7 remote technical support

We provide round the clock remote technical support through our Technical Assistance Centre (TAC) in Bangalore and 26 support centres spread across the globe. We also provide software upgrades for all existing AMC customers without additional costs.

Hardware Repair and Return (R&R service)

Tejas provides hardware repair and return service depending on the damage type and warranty details. Tejas also offers advanced replacement services where the hardware will be replaced in quickest possible time to avoid any network outages.

Periodical network performance audit

We do periodical network audits to ascertain the validity and reliability of customer networks as per industry best practices & standards. We also provide preventive maintenance services for the purpose of maintaining equipment and facilities in satisfactory operating condition before they develop into major defects.

Network monitoring

Network monitoring is a critical function that can optimize network performance, employee productivity and minimize infrastructure cost overruns. We provide critical 24 x 7 x 365 surveillance of network for any faults and performance distortions.

Resident Engineer

Our technical expert on site service helps manage customer networks. He/she works with team to design customer NOC for all customer requirements and services. Resident Engineer does auditing and gap analysis of the current network, and trains in-house team members for installation and maintenance.

Customer Technical Advocate

CTA will be end-to-end responsible for all technical support deliverables for customer. CTA works with larger Support and Engineering teams to check for any product issues in customer networks and proactively implement suitable recommendations for customer networks. CTA also performs analytics on health of customer network and provide suggestions for better network performance.

Software Updates

Customers under Warranty & AMC can avail free software updates for supplied products.

We offer 3 support packages which have been designed to closely align with the diverse planning and operational needs of our customer communities.

24*7 Remote Technical Support
Hardware Repair & Return
Software Updates
Dedicated Customer Technical Advocate
Advance Replacement(within 5 working days)
Resident Engineer
Periodical Network Performance Audit