Tejas portfolio of Enterprise Ethernet switches has a wide coverage in terms of port-configurations, capacities, feature scalability and provide a rich palette to realize your network vision. All switches support Line rate forwarding and jumbo packets suitable for video and file transfers.

  • TJ1400P-M1 portfolio of Layer2+ switches is suited for realizing an efficient access layer for enterprise, campus and industrial networks. These switches have Layer 2 features along with Static routing, DHCP server capability and a comprehensive set of security features.
  • TJ1400P-M2 switching family is specifically optimized for LAN applications and Metro Applications. The TJ1400P-M2 models are enterprise-plus class L2/L3 Switches with Carrier Ethernet features for OAM and resiliency.
  • TJ1400P-M3 switching family is similar to M2 switching family but has advanced L3-features and stacking which make this a versatile product for the core of a network.

Enhanced Carrier Ethernet features, IP routing support

Energy-efficient designs with low total cost of ownership

Small form factor options for use as customer premise equipment

Power over Ethernet capability with support for PoE/PoE+/UPoE

Highly versatile switch configurations possible with flexible port mix, stackability, power options and port speeds

Complete range of Ethernet switches for enterprise, campus and industrial networks


Deployed Across Verticals

Deployed across verticals

Success Stories

Smart City applications

Building high bandwidth, secure, low latency Smart City networks for supporting applications like Smart Transportation, Digital Surveillance and Municipal Wi-Fi.

Safe City Applications

Seamless high speed Ethernet connectivity for enabling real time video surveillance solutions

Building Reliable, Cost-Effective and Scalable networks through Ethernet Switches

With the rise in urbanization, applications like video surveillance, WiFi, Metro railway, Defense, smart Cities, and proliferation of IP networks, Ethernet Switching solutions have attained more significance in today’s world. These applications need an efficient network that can efficiently handle the connectivity needs to match the stringent SLA requirements

To know more about how Tejas Ethernet switches can provide an efficient & secure solution for bandwidth savvy applications.across industries

End-to-End Portfolio: From Access to Core

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