CE 2.0

The growing popularity of Carrier Ethernet as a WAN technology for mobile backhaul, next-generation enterprise and wholesale connectivity has driven the need for a global certification standard. Metro Ethernet’s CE2.0 certification has defined a comprehensive set of services with multiple classes of service (CoS) and enhanced operational management attributes that bridge the gap between traditional Ethernet based services and next-generation SDH/SONET services while maintaining inter-operability across multiple service provider networks. MEF CE2.0 standards extend network reach across multi-vendor deployments, speed up Ethernet service provisioning and enable the delivery of premium SLAs with improved fault management capabilities.

Tejas CE2.0 products support advanced Carrier Ethernet standards such as ITU-T G.8032 (Ethernet Ring Protection Switching), ITU-T G.8031 (Ethernet Line Protection Switching), IEEE 802.3ah Ethernet OAM,  IEEE 802.1ag Service Layer OAM and ITU-T Y.1731 for performance monitoring. Besides these Tejas products also support MPLS-TP for transport-style service provisioning over pre-defined paths with superior multiple fiber-cut resilience options that were previously only possible with SDH/SONET networks. Tejas CE2.0 implementation is flexible, scalable and widely deployed in the networks of Tier-I communication service providers offering a complete range of access, voice and Internet services worldwide.

Tejas TJ1400 and TJ1600 products have been certified by Iometrix to be in compliance with all applicable service and traffic management requirements as specified under MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0 standards. Tejas CE2.0 equipment can be used by telecom service providers to offer a full range of E-Line (EPL, EVPL), E-LAN (EP-LAN, EVP-LAN), E-Tree (EP-Tree, EVP-Tree) and E-Access (Access EPL, Access EVPL) services.