TJ1600 Core Switch is one of the world’s largest disaggregated multi-terabit packet optical switch designed for building high-capacity optical backbone networks, 5G core networks and interconnecting hyper-scale datacenters. The unique leaf-spine architecture supports dynamic capacity scaling using the same hardware and eliminates the need to buy separate hardware shelves for larger capacity. The overall system can scale from 900Gbps in one unit of TJ1600I to 48Tbps capacity by coupling multiple TJ1600I shelves with TJ1600S. This brings tremendous flexibility to the ordering process and network planning for telecom customers and also reduces overall cost and space requirements.

Disaggregated Architecture

Fully Redundant Platform

100G to 400G+ line rates

Universal OTN/PTN Cross connects
Scalable to 48T PTN/32T OTN

Future proof with flexible thermal, backplane and faceplate design

Supports GE, SDH, SONET, OTN, FC clients

Core Switch: Hyper-Scalable Optical Transport

High Scalability | Pay-as-you-grow | Optimal Use of Power and Space

TJ1600 Core Switch

Advantages over Monolithic Architecture

Not limited by backplane capacity which locks slot bandwidth
Upgrade Fabric and Interface Shelf Independently
Pay as you grow - Same hardware for massive scalability
Not limited by shelf thermal capacity

End-to-End Portfolio: From Access to Core

A Revolutionary Approach to Building Next-generation Telco Networks is just a click away