Tejas Networks has a technical team with strong Engineering, Furnishing and Install (EF&I) and project management capabilities to handle the end-to-end network deployments for TSPs, CSPs, Cable MSOs and large enterprises. It handles the delivery of unassembled parts, staged equipment and full turnkey deployments. The Deployment service includes three stages focusing on enabling our customer to launch services to their customers faster (faster ‘Time to Market’) using ‘best in class’ delivery engine powered by Workforce Management System (Automated/Dynamic Dispatching of work orders and Advanced Analytics):

  • Delivery of a fully configured and rigorously tested system
  • Reduced on-site installation, turn-up and testing expenses
  • Reduced service activation time
  • Pilot implementations based on customer requirements
  • Detailed site survey to analyse the existing system and suggest suitable recommendations and justifications
  • Certified technicians and contractors handle end-to-end onsite deployment
  • Minimal service activation times
  • Adherence to project deployment timelines and plan
  • Acceptance testing to match customer requirement
  • Relevant document creation
  • Receipt of sign-off from customer