Tejas has the expertise and resources to manage large network deployments globally on time and within budget. Our key deployments are:

  • World's largest Greenfield all-packet network
  • 3 out of top 10 mobile operators in the World (by subscribers)
  • 3 of the largest wholesale bandwidth providers in Africa
  • World's largest integrated electric transmission company
  • 2nd largest railway network.

We have a technical team with strong Engineering, Furnishing and Install (EF&I) and project management capabilities capable of handling end-to-end network deployments for TSPs, CSPs, cable MSOs and large enterprises. We handle the delivery of unassembled parts, staged equipment and full turnkey deployments. Our deployment service includes three stages — Pre-staging, Staging and Post-staging.

1) Pre-staging:

Pre-staging involves delivery of a fully configured and rigorously tested system which significantly reduces the on-site installation, turn-up and testing expenses of the network operator and reduces time to service activation. Tejas also undertakes pilot implementations based on customer requirements before deploying it end-to-end over the customer network.

Our engineering team works closely with customers to develop a detailed project plan with tasks, milestones and timelines. We also do a detailed site survey to analyse the existing system and suggest suitable recommendations and justifications regarding network deployment to match the business goals.

2) Staging:

Tejas certified technicians and contractors will handle end-to-end onsite deployment with minimal service activation times and ensure that the deployment sticks to the projected plan and timelines.

3) Post-staging:

Post-staging involves acceptance testing to ensure that the deployment matches the customer requirements. Post-staging also involves creating relevant documentation and getting sign-off from customer.

Our services are available in a three-tiered package
Tejas Full-fledged, Tejas Remote Assist, Tejas Hands-off. Customer can choose a package depending on project budget, complexity and timelines.