Introducing the Tejas TJ1400P-4X Series, the pinnacle of next-generation access routers boasting unparalleled system capacity, density, and performance. Utilizing state-of-the-art software-enabled chipsets, these routers offer a converged solution with reduced power consumption, a compact form factor, and exceptional performance. The TJ1400P-4X offers two variants, offering features such as E1/STM-1 compatibility and extended temperature operating ranges. Compact and cost-effective, TJ1400-4X is engineered as a MPLS router, aiming to seamlessly aggregate and transport client services over MPLS networks. With support for advanced routing, switching, security, and a wide array of L2/L3 VPN services, it ensures comprehensive multi-service aggregation and transport capabilities.

Support for NetConf/YANG management protocols

Upto 120 G full duplex packet switch in 1U platform

IP/MPLS: Traffic Engineered MPLS, VPLS, L2VPNs, L3VPNs

SDN ready, Segment Routing capable

50ms Protection: MPLS FRR (1:1) & ERPS

Temperature Hardened
(-40o C to +65o C)

TJ1600-2 TJ1600-2

End-to-end IP/MPLS/Ethernet Network

End-to-End Portfolio: From Access to Core

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