Using the next generation in Packet Transport Network (PTN) technology, the TJ1400P is a 1U packet aggregation solution designed for edge and access applications in the network. With a full PTN feature set enabling end-to-end pseudo-wire and Ethernet multipoint services the TJ1400P has the advanced features for tomorrow’s mobile backhaul, enterprise, business, data center, cloud and infrastructure services. TJ1400P is available in 5 variants :TJ1400P-A, TJ1400P-B, TJ1400P-C, TJ1400P-D and TJ1400P-H.

The TJ1400P provides best in class packet switching to create networks with the highest performance. It is an ideal fit for numerous small, medium, and large customer sites as well as multi-tenant office and residential buildings with support for advanced TDM, Ethernet, MPLS-TP and OAM features. It has a flexible architecture that allows it to build the network best suited for all services. Linear for rapid deployment. Hub and spoke for cost effective aggregation. It supports SyncE for distribution of synchronization information over pure packet networks.

Compact PTN platform

50ms Protection switching : ERPS and 1:1

High Capacity : From 16G to 300 G Packet Switch

Circuit Emulation Support (TJ1400P-C, TJ1400P-D, TJ1400P-H)

Temperature hardened :
-40o C to +65o C

TJ1600-2 TJ-1600-6

Flexible Deployment options


TJ1400-P Model A
Packet Transport System with GE ports


TJ1400-P Model B
Packet Transport System with GE and 10GE support


TJ1400-P Model C
Packet Transport System with GE and Circuit Emulation support


TJ1400-P Model D
Packet Transport System with GE, 10GE and Circuit Emulation support


Packet Transport System with GE, 10GE, Circuit Emulation and 100G QSFP28 support

End-to-End Portfolio: From Access to Core

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