Tejas Network Management System(TJ5500) is an integrated management application offering single window operation for end-to-end network management. It supports provisioning, operations & management of Packet Transport Networks, DWDM, SDH/SONET, GPON and OTN based services. This provides a unified management solution to manage multi-technology networks. The TJ5500 is highly scalable with an advanced, intuitive user interface, it enables the network operation teams to optimize operational costs through faster and more efficient operations. Multiple Network Views help the operator understand various aspects of the network and take important decisions which are critical to the performance and efficiency of a network. It allows visualization of complete network topology in a hierarchical manner and allow users to visualize network faults and services over the network topology. It supports various correlations between network topology, inventory and services for quick pinpointing and rectification of outages in the network.

Intuitive point-and-click provisioning allows easy understanding and abstraction of complex network configurations and makes service activation a breeze. It offers a contemporary GUI with multiple views, dashboards and customized topology layouts that can be configured for each user.


Point-and-Click Simplicity

New Contemporary GUI

SDN Ready Domain Controller


TJ5500 – Managing Network across Access, Metro & Core

TJ5500 – Managing Network across Access, Metro & Core

TJ5100-S Switch EMS: Dedicated solution for Switching/Routing Applications

Network Evolution Through SDN

Tejas supports programmability and automation capabilities through it’s TJ5500 hybrid domain controller. This combines the programmability with integrated FCAPS for a multi-layer, multi-technology network. This supports full FCAPS from the GUI itself for provisioning end-to-end DWDM services, end-to-end OTN, MPLS-TP, SDH/SONET and GPON. It supports a standards based REST NBI interface for programmability of DWDM, OTN, PTN, SDH/SONET and GPON services.

TJ5500 REST NBI is aligned with T-API & MEF Presto specification. Tejas domain controller offers an evolutionary approach to SDN which allows seamless migration from legacy to programmable networks without the need to throw away existing investments or capex.

End-to-End Portfolio: From Access to Core

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