The TJ1600 is a top-of-the-line optical transport platform that consolidates multiple layers of networking functions and addresses a wide variety of network applications with the fewest possible nodes. The same platform supports wireless backhaul, data center connectivity, enterprise services, router bypass, and wholesale services. With DWDM as an option for all high speed interfaces, the TJ1600 can optimize fiber utilization using the latest technology for reliable transport in metro, regional and long haul networks. TJ1600 is a converged optical transport network (OTN) switching and optical transport system with multiple options in terms of size, power utilization, and switching capacity allowing for cost optimization based on a particular application. This flexibility creates network designs that allow every service to be optimized based upon the service requirements, not the limitations of a particular transport technology. Tejas' Software-defined hardware allows for easy upgrades through software for features that may require hardware upgrades for other vendor's products.

From Access to long haul

Versatile mix of services from DS1/E1, 10GE etc to OTUn

900G OTN cross connect

Packet, OTN, DWDM solutions in the same platform

96 Channels DWDM
Extended C-Band Support

Optimize bandwidth use with efficient sub-wavelength traffic grooming


L1 Encryption
10G - 600G per wave

TJ1600-2 TJ-1600-6

Unified Service Delivery

Unified Service Delivery

Innovative Applications


Router bypass and capacity enhancement of router networks enabled by a compact 2RU OTN/DWDM chassis with sub lambda grooming

Micro-OTN Case Study

Multi-tera capacities for highest utilization of fiber plant capabilities

Alien Wavelength

Upgrade existing 10G/100G DWDM Network to 100G/200G+

optical-backbone case study
Optical Backbone

Deployment of high capacity DWDM optical transmission equipment, Optical LineAmplifiers (OLA) and associated auxiliary equipment

Inverse Mux
Inverse Mux

Submarine to Terrestrial interface using the integrated OTN Cross Connect

Single Fiber DWDM Transmission
Single Fiber DWDM Transmission

An economical and scalable means to build out a network, lowering up front network costs without sacrificing scale.

Scaling High Capacity Optical Networks using Advanced Alien Wave Solutions

Alien Wave solution enables multiple providers to co-exist and utilize the common fiber and optical layer infrastructure in a viable and cost-effective way to scale-up network capacity through minimal capital and operational investments.

To read about the possibility of AW insertion with no impact to existing services:

End-to-End Portfolio: From Access to Core

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