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Saankhya Labs Private Limited

Corporate Information

Saankhya Labs Private Limited was incorporated on 29 December, 2006 under the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956. It has its registered office at 3rd Level, Mezaninne Floor, No.3, Infantry Road, Vasanth Nagar, Embassy icon Building Bengaluru Bangalore 560001. The Company is engaged in the business of wireless communication products for telecom, satcom and broadcast industries. The Company provides wireless products to telecom operators which include 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) and Network automation and management software.

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Tejas Communication Pte. Limited

Corporate Information

Tejas Singapore was incorporated on June 14, 2001 as a company limited by shares under the Companies Act, Cap 50 of Singapore. It has its registered office at 77 Robinson Road, #13-00 Robinson 77, Singapore 068896. Tejas Singapore is authorized to undertake manufacturing of networking products (e.g. routers, switches) and disk drivers.

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Tejas Communications (Nigeria) Limited

Corporate Information

Tejas Nigeria was incorporated on September 7, 2015 as a company limited by shares under the Companies and Allied Matters Act, 1990 of Nigeria. It has its registered office at 5th Floor, Mulliner Towers (Former NNPC Building), 39, Alfred Rewane Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria. Tejas Nigeria is authorised to engage in importing, marketing, distributing, supplying and dealing in different kinds of networking equipment.


Tejas Israel Limited

Corporate Information

Tejas Israel was incorporated on December 28, 2009 as a limited company under the Companies Law 5759-1999 of Israel. It has its registered office at 9 Kehilat Saloniki, Tel-Aviv – Jaffa 69513, Israel. Tejas Israel is authorized to engage in any lawful activity.

The Company received approval by the Corporation Authority, Registrar of Companies and Partnerships, Israel stating the receipt of liquidator notice according to Section 338 (c) of the Companies Ordinance (New Version) 5743- 1983 together with copy of the final financial report on November 21, 2018 and on November 25, 2018, notice was registered and the Company status was changed to “liquidated”.

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vSave Energy Private Limited

Corporate Information

vSave Energy Private Limited was incorporated on  06 November,2013 as a private limited company under Companies Act, 2013.

The Company has received approval notice in Form No. STK 7 – Notice of Strike off and Dissolution from the by the Registrar of Companies, Bengaluru stating that in accordance with sub-section (5) of Section 248 of the Companies Act, 2013 the name of vSave Energy Private Limited has been struck off the Register of Companies and the said Company is dissolved with effect from July 28, 2018.