High-performance residential, enterprise and industrial ONT

Tejas Networks’ TJ2100N GPON/XGS-PON ONTs are the ultimate solution for next-generation Optical Access networks deployed in both FTTH (Fiber-to-the-Home) and FTTB (Fiber-to-the-Building) formats. As subscriber demands soar and Gigabit services become commonplace, our ONTs pave the way for multigigabit home networks. Designed to meet the needs of various deployment scenarios, our extensive ONT portfolio supports residential, small-medium businesses, industrial and mobile backhaul applications with industry-leading voice, data, and video capabilities. Whether it is GPON, XGS-PON or Multi-PON technology, our ONTs offer flexibility and scalability to address the evolving demands of the broadband market.

Open-Integrated DU/CU:

Our DU/CU solution is based on our unique Software Defined Radio (SDR) architecture which provides customers an open and dynamic vRAN platform that not only provides functional flexibility but also optimizes the TCO. This platform is the result of deep expertise in designing DSP based RAN platform. The open fronthaul interface, Control & Management Software is designed as per ORAN standard providing plug and play interoperability with 3rd party Distributed Units (DUs).

5G RU:

This is an ORAN based 5G NR Radio Unit. The solution includes support for various bands specially the low and mid bands like Band 71, 29 and 40. It can be customized for other bands as well.
The solution incorporates a unique front haul compression technique to reduce op-ex for operators

Cognitive RAN Solution

5G Radio

Tejas ORAN 7.2x Compliant 5G Radio Units (RUs)

5G Radio

Tejas LTE-based RAN for Mobile and Fixed Broadband Access

TJ 1400

TJ1400-7 eNodeB UltraFlex

TJ1400 NR

Tejas 4G RRH

Tejas 4G RAN Solution includes both BBU (Baseband Unit) and Remote Radio Head (RRH) and is designed in-house to deliver high-capacity LTE-based mobile voice and broadband data and fixed wireless services. The high capacity 4G-BBU is seamlessly upgradable to 5G. 

Multiple FDD and TDD band options are available in B1, B3, B5, B28, B40, B41 on the radios. These solutions provide multiple modulation schemes that go up to 256QAM. Moreover, Tejas RAN solutions provide optimal balance between performance and energy efficiency in a compact form factor.

Tejas O-RAN enabled 5G RU

Tejas Networks has designed an Open, Scalable 5G RAN solution portfolio with 8T8R to 64T64R RUs in n78 bands. Tejas n78 RUs are designed in-house with massive MIMO (mMIMO), O-RAN capabilities in 32T32R and 64T64R configurations. Tejas Radios are 3GPP and O-RAN 7.2b compliant.

The solution incorporates a unique front- haul compression technique to reduce op-ex for operators.

Key Highlights

SFP Option to Integrate with Switches, Routers and Wireless Equipment

Support for Wi-Fi 4, 5, and 6 Standards

Interoperable with Third-party OLTs, NMS and Servers

Application Versatility: Suitable for Residential, Enterprise, Mobile Backhaul and Industrial Applications

Zero-touch Provisioning: Simplifies Deployment with Automated Setup

USB Port Option in ONT

Versatile ONT Flavors for Diverse Applications

Fixed Wireless Access Network : Across Verticals

Carrier-class WTTx capabilities

FTTH Fiber Broadband Access Network

TJ1400-1 8 port GPON OLT
TJ1400-1 16 port GPON OLT
GPON 8xOLT with L2 switch – 2x10G SNI
GPON 16xOLT with L2 switch – 4x10G SNI
Power Redundancy
Flexible Uplink (SNI)
2x10GE (SFP+) and 4xGE (SFP)
4x10GE (SFP+) and 4xGE (SFP)
PON Ports (Max)
8 ports
16 ports
GE Ports (Max)
2 (xSFP+)+4xSFP
4 (xSFP+)+4xSFP
Temperature range
0 to 60 degC
0 to 60 degC

Core Switch: Hyper-Scalable Optical Transport

TJ1600 Core Switch

Play Video about Tj1600 IMC

Unified Service Delivery

Unified Service Delivery

Diversity of Services

TJ1400: Ultra-Converged Broadband Product

Play Video

Unified Service Delivery

DWDM and TJ1600 Infographic Map

TJ1270: Legacy Access product that supports Ethernet Over SDH/SONET

TJ1270 Network Diagram

PTN Access/Aggregation

End-to-end IP/MPLS/Ethernet Network

End-to-end IP/MPLS/Ethernet Network

Deployed Across Verticals

All Essential Components in One Place

TejCelestia Components

Unified Service Delivery

DWDM and TJ1600 Infographic Map

FTTx Fiber Broadband Access Network

FBA Network Diagram

Versatile & Cost-effective Network Design

Fba network diagram - 1600-2

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