TJ1400P is a compact packet aggregation solution which is well suited for deployment in the edge and access part of a packet transport network. It supports full PTN feature set enabling a service provider to provide end-to-end pseudo-wire and Ethernet multipoint services.

TJ1400P can serve as a cell-site transport network element backhauling 4G services, and can be used to build aggregation rings of 10 Gbps. It can be used to provide GigE enterprise services and L2 VPN services with advanced QoS support.

Tejas Value Proposition

  • Advanced Packet Transport
  • High Capacity: 64 Gbps Packet Switch
  • MPLS-TP: Traffic Engineered Pseudowires
  • Carrier Ethernet: VLAN and Q-in-Q
  • 50ms Protection: ERPS and 1:1
  • Packet Synchronization: SyncE, 1588v2
  • Optional TDM Circuit Emulation
  • Flexible configurations