TJ1602W is the LTE Macro eNodeB solution on the TJ1600-2 platform, extending its role from the backhaul/enterprise segment to the wireless access segment by offering LTE Base Station capability. With the addition of the LTE Baseband card, TJ1602W now offers a complete TD-LTE Release -9 compliant 2X2 MIMO dual 3-sector Macro eNodeB on a 2 U form factor. The eNodeB protocol processing for the three sectors is handled by the Baseband card while the Remote Radio Head handles the RF up/down conversion. The RRHs are mounted on a tower while the Baseband card occupies one line card slot on the TJ1600-2 chassis.

Tejas Value Proposition

  • TD-LTE Release-9 eNodeB on TJ1600-2 platform
  • Configurable 5/10/ 20 MHz bandwidth
  • Dual eNodeB Baseband Line cards
  • Each Baseband card acts as a 3 sector LTE Macro Base Station Baseband Unit
  • Base Station Synchronization through GPS, SyncE, PTPv2 or BITS
  • Tower mounted RRH (Remote Radio Head) for each sector connecting to Baseband card over fiber with up to 20 km between RRH and Baseband card
  • Operations and Management Integrated with TJ1600 platform EMS and NMS components