Evolve-Transform-Scale – The right approach to building future-proof networks

13-Aug-2020 10:57 AM Future-proof networks

Global broadband networks are experiencing overwhelming network traffic due to a rapid uptake in mobile and home broadband usage, large-scale enterprise cloud adoption, and the emergence of hyper-scale data centers.

The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has not only amplified this trend but has also made spatial and temporal bandwidth demands harder to predict.

Stringent social distancing norms have forced suburban residences to morph into small offices, while students and families rely on high-bandwidth video applications for remote learning, entertainment, and social networking.

2020 – Settling into a new normal

With the recent coronavirus outbreak, “remote working” and “video conferencing” have become the new norms for today’s businesses, with telecoms and ISPs being the invisible hand driving this shift.

Organisations across the world are exploring new business models to drive digital transformation with a cost-efficient and agile approach powered by cloud computing and analytics.

Lavine Singh, Managing Director at Tsiko Tejas, said industries are struggling to adapt to the new ways of working. For example, manufacturing has to embrace AI and AR/VR to increase automation; healthcare must undergo a radical digital transformation to deal with the surge in patients, and education has had to move to online learning models giving students a real-life classroom experience.

Access to high-capacity, high-availability broadband networks is therefore the need of the day.

Building the networks of tomorrow – The Evolve-Transform-Scale approach

Rakesh Rughoonandan, Vice President of Africa for Tejas Networks, believes that Tejas Networks, through its customised, transformative, and cost-effective Ultra-Flex product series, is ideally placed to assist operators and service providers across Africa to ensure their networks are ready for this surge in traffic from the core through to the access Layer.

End-to-end next-generation communication networks

Both Tejas Networks and its South African-based partner Tsiko Tejas are convinced that the ideal approach to build an end-to-end next-generation communication network that really is future ready is to use the ‘Evolve-Transform-Scale’ approach.

‘Evolve’ handles the rapid and cost-effective addition or upgradation of broadband connections.

‘Transform’ focuses on delivering superior SLA performance to enterprises, mission-critical users and residences. ‘Scale’ is intended for scalability and flexible capacity addition and resizing of bandwidth for end-to-end networks.


With a growing demand for new broadband connections, current networks should evolve uniformly to ensure that they can support the requirements of both existing and new customers.

Tejas Ultra-Flex product is the industry’s first Ultra-Converged platform that can support both wireless and fibre-based wireline services on the same platform.

New connections can be served by quick provisioning of a Fixed Wireless Access-based LTE connection through a 4G/LTE base station card wherever a fibre network is not readily available.

In many cases, LTE can serve as an interim solution and can be later supplanted with a dedicated fibre-based connection through the addition of a GPON/XGS-PON OLT card with FWA as a backup option.

Evolve approach for new broadband connections


The network operator should have the flexibility to choose the optimal access technology to meet the service level and QoS requirements of end customers.

Tejas UltraFlex products provide unparalleled integration of Access, Transport, and IP Network technologies in one integrated box, thus bringing down the cost of network build-out dramatically.

GPON technology with integrated Type-B protection, provides redundancy for OLT’s PON ports and backbone fibre, and can be used for SOHOs or residential buildings or for sharing infrastructure in Multi-Tenant/Multi-Dwelling Units.

Ethernet services with Q-in-Q for customer tunneling and comprehensive fault and performance monitoring can be used for enterprises and small and medium businesses (SMB) where regular business traffic can be carried with occasional packet loss, latency, or jitter issues.

Mission critical traffic like hospitals, laboratories and government offices require deterministic CE2.0/3.0-based MPLS-TP private line network for advanced traffic engineering and comprehensive OAMP features with proactive and reactive fault management and performance monitoring, guaranteed low latency, low jitter, and no packet loss.

Transform Approach for guaranteed SLA services


Tejas UltraFlex products assure full investment protection for telecom operators and ISPs through a programmable software-defined hardware architecture.

The innovative design delivers a significantly lower total lifecycle cost of ownership (TCO) since the same product can be seamlessly upgraded from GPON to higher capacity XGS-PON and NG-PON2 networks through software updates alone.

Tejas UltraFlex products also support advanced Alien Wave technology to launch 100G/200G/400G and 600G wavelengths on “brownfield” DWDM networks without the need to invest in a new capital-intensive network.

Additionally, the Tejas Alien Wave solution enables a proven and cost-effective solution that interoperates with third-party DWDM equipment. Tejas Ultra-Flex Metro and Core products enable the network to seamlessly scale to multi-terabits of transport and switching capacities in an incremental “pay-as-you-grow” fashion.

With the onset of virtualisation across multiple industries and a huge growth in work-from-home, the world is witnessing not only a sharp spike in traffic volume but also a marked change in network usage patterns.

This represents a significant opportunity for telecoms and ISPs to take advantage of the shift and modernise their existing networks.

The Tejas UltraFlex portfolio, with its innovative Evolve-Transform-Scale paradigm, is an ideal fit for the post-COVID world.

Click here for more information from Tsiko Tejas, or contact Rakesh Rughoonandan at rakeshr@tejasnetworks.com

Tsiko Tejas technology webinar

Tsiko Tejas is hosting a technology webinar on 5 August 2020 at 11:00 where they will discuss their new UltraFlex approach that enables service providers to architect highly flexible, scalable, and agile optical networks that can rapidly adapt to such disruptive shifts in broadband networks.

This article was published in partnership with Tsiko Tejas in Mybroadband.