Tejas Service offerings

Along with its gamut of products, Tejas Networks offers full life-cycle support to its customers– right from Network Design, System Integration, Installation, Commissioning, Operations and subsequent Maintenance.

Tejas believes in partnering with its customers and offers the following services: –


  • Network Design, Planning and Optimization.
  • Network Installation, Commissioning, Testing and Project Management.
  • Customer Support and Post Sales Activities.
  • Training.
  • System integration: NMS, OSS integration and customizations.
  • Managed and Professional Services.

Network Design, Planning and Optimization

Since most networks evolve based on the traffic growth, Tejas provides network design services to allow Customers to best meet such demands, while optimizing the total cost of the network. Low efficiency in the network leads to increased operating expenses and sub-utilized resources. It is therefore of key importance to be able to maintain a constantly high network quality while assuring the network performance in the most cost effective way. Tejas, with its world-class network design and optimization team works closely with its customers to design and optimize their network, based on actual traffic requirements, cost constraints and logistical support issues.

Network Installation, Commissioning, Testing and Project Management

Tejas offers professional Engineering, Furnishing, Installation, commissioning and Test services for the deployment of the network. Roll out of new services and furnishing new solution requests in the new network, will need to be planned and executed in the shortest time possible there by staying in line with revenue forecast. This will involve installation, configuration, commissioning, testing and network integration. Tejas Engineering Teams are experienced in all facets of optical network system implementation, with hands-on experience on building leading optical networks around the world.

Building the next generation network involves tasks ranging network topology design, traffic engineering, factory acceptance testing, site infrastructure planning, node installation and network integration to end customer service delivery. Each of these tasks will have to be assimilated into project modules requiring detailed planning and subsequent implementation ensuring a strict cost control regime and timely execution. Tejas provide Project/program managers for personal interaction on a day-to-day basis and coordination with the customer’s execution team and other vendors to ensure successful implementation of the project.

Customer Support and Post Sales Activities:

24X7 Customer Support and Technical Assistance:  Tejas understand the stringent support needs of carrier networks and has a fully functional Technical Assistance Center that provides 24X7 technical support. TAC responses to troubleshooting, configurations, Repair & Return, Advance replacements, Spares support, Software updates and Maintenance services to customers.

Repair & Return:  The repair or replacement, as the case may be, shall be through Tejas Return Material Authorization (RMA) process. In the event of a hardware failure, the failed hardware shall be returned to Tejas for repair and return.

Designated Account Manager: Tejas Provides Account manager for managing and keeping track of customer requirements, issues, features, enhancements and timely updates. Monthly reviews will be conducted to track the progress and address any grievances.


Tejas undertakes extensive training courses on the emerging optical technologies as well as all Tejas Products. Tejas training programs are aimed at maximizing the Customer’s ability to successfully design, operate, and manage Tejas’ products in its networking environment. Our courses are delivered by industry experts and include hands-on laboratory exercises to enable students to apply their new skills as soon as the course is completed. These courses are usually conducted at the Tejas’ Training Center but can also be conducted at the customer’s premises.

System integration: NMS, OSS integration and customizations

Most carrier networks world-wide are built using equipment from multiple vendors. In order to ensure that Tejas products get seamlessly integrated in the customer’s operational and management systems, Tejas provides customized integration services for NMS and OSS integration so as to enable end-to-end management of network, point-and-click and other such features. Tejas products support a high degree of interoperability in order to ensure a seamless network environment across multiple vendor scenarios.

Managed Services:

Definitive success for a service provider is in maintaining a balance between network operations and Customer/Market requirements. A managed services solution would have a multi vendor focus in place, driving both service delivery and service assurance thereby making this module a Single Point Of Responsibility (SPOR) for all network operations management needs. With such a solution in place Customer can focus on their core business strategies, channelizing their efforts entirely on Customer/Market requirements and increasing market share

Tejas, Shall provide following services, as a part of managed services,

  • NOC Management Services
  • Resident Engineer Services
  • Remote NOC Management Services

NOC Managed Services: The Key feature of NOC services is that Tejas takes full responsibility of network operation activities on customer behalf with the help of field and implementation staff.  NOC services are delivered from Centralized NOC and the number of engineers will be based on network size and customer requirements. The customer can focus on core business operations such as business strategies, product management and customer management, while Tejas provides management & day-to-day operations of the network.

As part of NOC service, Tejas shall provide, Monitoring network, Managing problems, restoring operational failures, Network Maintenance, performance management, data analysis, reporting, fault management, escalation process, configuration, change management, preventive maintenance and quality assurance.

Resident Engineer Service: Tejas provide a full-time support engineer on site at the customers’ location. The Resident Engineer provides technical consultation, managing day to day operations, provisioning new circuits, Node integration, assists in problem isolation, planning and executing network activities (e.g. installations, upgrades, configurations, etc.)

  • Tejas Resident engineer will be the one point interface for all operational issues and he will work backward with other departments of Tejas for all deliverables.

Remote NOC Management: The Key feature of Remote NOC services is that Tejas takes full responsibility of network operation activities on customer behalf with the help of customer field and implementation staff.  As part of service, Tejas shall provide, Monitoring network, Managing problems, restoring operational failures, fault management, timely escalation and change management through dedicated leased line/VPN network. The customer can focus on core business operations such as business strategies, product management and customer management, while Tejas provides management & day-to-day operations of the network.

Professional Services:

Network Audit Services: The most general definition of an audit is an evaluation of a person, organization, system, process, project or product. Network Audits are performed periodically to ascertain the validity and reliability of information, and also provide an assessment of a system.  In this exercise Tejas shall audit the existing network and also the correctness of the network & processes as per the industry best practices and standards. Tejas on discussion with Customer shall arrive at the frequency of audits. Tejas shall provide, following Audit services,

  • DCN Audit Services
  • Synchronization Audit Services
  • Protection Audit Services
  • Software Audit and upgrade Services

Upgrade and Migration Services: Bandwidth & Capacity augmentation is the process of assessing a customer’s current network architecture, analyzing historical performance data as available, evaluating future plans of the customer for the network and developing network growth options. The upgrade plans, launch of new services and the customer growth is directly related to the capacity of network.

Tejas provide the upgrade and migration services based on, existing resources, bandwidth utilization in current network design, Future plan, scalability and CAPEX involved. Tejas shall provide, following services.

  • Bandwidth Upgrade Services (STM-1/4/16/64/DWDM)
  • Network Migration Services ( Migration to Tejas Network)

Support Services Strength: