Tejas Network Solutions

We are a differentiated technology company and have demonstrated the ability to keep pace across technology cycles (from 2G to 3G to 4G) because of our early research and development efforts. We have consistently upgraded or launched new products in anticipation of changing technologies, adoption of faster speed networks, and transformation from legacy to new generation networks. We endeavor to design our products to ensure they are “future ready”, by using programmable software-defined hardware architecture which enables us to adapt to changes in technologies, new standards and customer requirements.

Our products are characterized by flexible architecture based around a proprietary software base and a common hardware platform. We have a portfolio of re-usable “building blocks” of hardware as well as software, which enables us to develop cost-effective and highly customizable products and also provides a time-to-market advantage. Our products utilise a programmable software-defined hardware architecture implemented with programmable semiconductor devices, and a common software code-base that delivers an app-like ease of development and upgrades of new features and technology standards. Further, our advanced software and hardware integration leads to higher performance and lower costs.

We are able to help Communication Service Providers manage costs by enabling them to extend the life of installed systems through regular software upgrades, which help them transition across technology changes in their networks, without having to invest in new hardware purchases. Our software led approach also enables us to sell the same product globally by making country specific adaptations. Our scalable, re-programmable, and re-usable products allow reduction in total cost of ownership for our customers and improve the overall efficiencies of their network and operations.