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MSPP: TJ1100

Compact CPE with E1, Ethernet interfaces for access networks

Overview: TJ1100 is an ultra-compact Customer Premise Equipment with STM-1, E1 and 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interfaces in a fixed configuration. It combines innovative optical networking software, with the intelligence of SDH/SONET, to deliver an efficient solution to today's service providers.

Ideal Environment: It is designed for the access part of optical network with low to medium traffic volume. It can be used in multiple access applications – transport of E1 & Ethernet from 2G/2.5G/3G wireless backhaul, DSLAM aggregation from remote locations & enterprise connectivity.

Compact Node: TJ1100 is a compact 1U STM-1 node with E1 & Ethernet that serves a wide scope of access needs. It is a cost effective, low-power and easy to manage equipment with plug & play benefits.

Service Protection: TJ1100 provides multi-level protection schemes – including MSP & SNCP. It ensures that even in case of fiber cut in the access networks, your network is still up & running.

Various Topologies: TJ1100 fits into liner, ring, bus and mesh topologies. The TJ1100 can be configured as a Terminal Multiplexer (TMUX) or an Add-Drop Multiplexer (ADM). Thus it caters to all possible access network scenarios.

Seamless Integration with TJ1000 family: It is the entry level offering in the Tejas TJ1000 family of SDH/SONET MSPP products. The product family covers all your networking requirements from CPE to core optical nodes. The equipments are managed by an intelligent management system that ensures efficient network operations.

Technical Specifications*

Network Topology

  • Linear, Ring, Bus and Mesh

Network Element Configurations
  • Add-Drop Multiplexer (ADM)
  • Terminal Multiplexer (TMUX)

Aggregate Interfaces
  • 2xSTM-1 e/o
  • S1.1, L 1.1, L 1.2 (ITU-T G.957 compliant)

Other Interfaces
  • 21xE1 (120 ohm / 75 ohm)
  • 4x10/100BaseT

  • LCAS
  • GFP
  • Lower and Higher Order Virtual Concatenation
  • Full/half duplex, auto-negotiation

  • 4 x 4 STM-1
  • Fully non-blocking
  • Line-to-line, Line-to-tributary, Tributary-to-line, Tributary-to-tributary

Network Maintenance
  • Element Management System: TejNES supports full FCAPS functionality
  • In-band channel control
  • Alarm signaling indicators and External Contacts


  • Higher-order and Lower-order POH, SDH/SONET Level alarms and performance monitoring as Per ITU-T Rec. G.826 and G.784
  • Remote software downloads
  • Local and Remote-loop-back
  • Engineering Order Wire

Timing & Synchronization
  • Timing & Synchronization of System as per ITU-T Rec. G.813
  • Internal G.703 compliant oscillator capable of supplying a Stratum–3 SEC
  • Support of SSM byte
  • Internal and External Timing interfaces: Two E1 BITS interfaces (as per ITU-T G.703)
  • E1 Tributary re-timing

  • SNCP
  • 1 + 1 line protection switching

Alarms and User Data Channel
  • F1 byte for user data channel
  • Four potential-free outputs and two potential-free inputs

  • Operating Temperature: 0ºC to 50ºC
  • Relative Humidity: 10% to 90%, non condensing

Power Supply
  • -48 V DC nominal, -36 V to –60 V or 230 V 50 Hz AC Power Supply
  • Power Consumption less than 30 W

  • RoHS compliant

*Specifications are subject to change without notification