Network Modernization

The modernization of an existing transport network is an opportunity to build upon strengths to increase your market leadership.  Tejas Networks’ Network Modernization capabilities increase services flexibility and maintain control of operational costs while creating a stable platform for all services, existing and new.   There is no need to sacrifice the support and reliability of services that have been successful in your network while leading your team and your network to new opportunities.

Your network modernization objectives, timeline and starting point are unique.  Tejas Networks’ technologies and products are flexible in allowing you to pick any starting point, introduce the latest generation of products and have a flexible timeline for technological change to create a network that meets your short and long term objectives.

  • SONET/SDH Refresh is a path that refreshes existing networks with the key building blocks for a migration to new network technologies at a pace that matches your companies unique strengths.
  • SONET/SDH Modernization and Network Evolution builds quickly on your existing network with new technologies such as DWDM, OTN and Carrier Ethernet while not risking operational performance or rapid cost increases when expanding.
  • Circuit Emulation is a path from existing TDM networks to packet based networks at a controllable pace, without sacrificing your current operational strengths or service capabilities.

For further information on our products please refer to the TJ1400, TJ1600 and Network Management platform