Customer Support and Services

Our ability to provide ongoing customer support is critical for successful long-term relationship with our customers and the success of our business. We aim to provide the highest levels of service and support to our customers. We offer our customers a broad range of support and services, including technical support, installation, commissioning, and training.

Tejas has a large customer support and services team engaged in providing technical support, installation, commissioning, and training.  We offer support services at several locations across India and through international support centres in Asia, Africa, and Central America.

We also operate an around-the-clock advanced technical assistance centre from Bengaluru to support our customers globally. In international markets, we provide customer support through a combination of our own employees and third party support providers.

We enter into services agreements with our customers pursuant to which we provide a variety of customer services, including installation and commissioning services, annual maintenance contract services, repair and return services, and training through our technical support engineers. The installation services are typically for a term of one year, renewable at the option of the customer. We also provide training and other professional services to our end-customers, including services related to the implementation, use, functionality, and ongoing maintenance of our products. Product repairs and returns are carried out in-house and by third parties. Our in-house repairs and returns services are provided at our manufacturing facility in Bengaluru. We also use third parties for repairs and returns services at their respective service centres.

We also have a customer training centre in Bengaluru, with fully-operational laboratory facilities. Our training courses are designed to give hands-on experience for our products to our customers as well as to other trainers, who in turn can train more users. Our Company is also a member of the Telecom Sector Skills Council of the Government of India, which offers certification courses on telecom operation and maintenance.