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Tejas Networks wins Economic Times Telecom Award 2013 for Most Innovative Telecom Product

September 20, 2013, New Delhi, India

Bangalore based Tejas Networks, a leading global provider of telecommunication equipment,receivedthe prestigious Economic Times Telecom Award 2013 for Innovative Product in the OEM category, while competing against products from global OEMs.

ET Telecom Awards areawarded for the highest standards of innovation, in the ultra competitive telecom sector.This award was given to Tejas for the development of the TJ1400 PTN product.  TJ1400 PTN is a Packet Transport Network platform that is designed to cost-effectively deliver new age data services over optical fiber.  It is built over MPLS-TP (Multi-Protocol Label Switching – Transport Profile) technology and helps operators build a more scalable, reliable and cost-effective backbone network for handling the exploding growth of data traffic in today’s networks.

“At Tejas our effort has been to use our R&D and innovation to solve critical business problems of our customers, and offer equipment that enables them to build scalable, cost-effective networks.We are proud of our outstanding team at Tejas Networks, which has shown that we can make world-class telecom products from India and can compete successfully against global players.” said Dr Kumar N. Sivarajan, CTO of Tejas Networks.