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Tejas Network’s ELAN wins Best Electronic Product of the Year Award

February 3, 2010, Bangalore, India

Tejas Networks Ltd., a leader in next-generation optical networking products, announced today that it has won the prestigious Best Electronic Product of the Year Award in the Telecom category from the Indian Semiconductor Association (ISA) for its Carrier Ethernet product, ELAN. ISA’s award seeks to identify the best electronic product created in India and focuses on highlighting product design, product innovation, technical and marketing excellence, customer acceptance and market success, in short, a true leadership offering in the electronics product segment.

“We are delighted to have won the Best Electronic Product of the Year award. Coming from an industry body like the ISA, this is a great recognition for Tejas Networks, a company that is committed to R&D excellence and innovation in telecom products. At Tejas, we pride ourselves in coming up with creative solutions for the critical technical and business problems that our customers face in the fast-paced and competitive telecom world. We see this as recognition of the progress we are making in creating a global technology product company from India”, said Sanjay Nayak, CEO & MD.

Dr. Kumar N Sivarajan, CTO added, “Telecom operators are facing the challenges of reduced prices for their services, while needing to improve service quality and offer new data-rich services that customers want. To address this challenge, we have developed an innovative series of Carrier Ethernet technology products (ELAN), based on the latest standards. ELAN can be used to increase network capacities seamlessly and offer new revenue-generating services. For operators who have already invested in traditional optical networking technologies like SDH/SONET, the ELAN product allows them to upgrade SDH/SONET networks to add Carrier Ethernet capabilities with incremental capex additions. ELAN has been successfully deployed to offer virtual LAN and video distribution services in India and for packet-based backhaul of 3G/4G services across the world”.

“As a bandwidth and network infrastructure provider, RailTel is always looking for innovative solutions which help us create infrastructure for our customers to deploy the latest end user services. Tejas Networks’ ELAN product has proved to be just the right product that enables a network infrastructure that is heavily invested in SDH/SONET to smoothly migrate to Carrier Ethernet and provision the latest packet-based services based on new standards. RailTel has successfully set up a digital TV infrastructure that today covers the Western India region, based on Tejas’ ELAN technology and in the process has benefited from significant capex savings and optimal bandwidth utilization through Carrier Ethernet”, said Mr. R.K. Bahuguna, Director, Network Planning and Marketing, RailTel Corporation of India Ltd.

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